Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Expectation to need " - A great change

We all expect something and something.. And many of us get and many of us don't get. But the real thing is how much we are doing from our side to achieve it. Are we really wanting it? Or we are simple depending on that like one day will come and my expectations will be fulfilled. But it's not true..

Whatever we want should be the need of yourself. We must try harder to achieve it. There will be some obstacles which will oppose yourself and those obstacles are because of us. So, there is a need to retain the power within to overcome our self generated obstacles. But the problem is that we not even own the obstacles which is opposing us. We not even try to find out what's the exact reason. We just keep on going upset that our expectations are not fulfilled. At that time our mind goes through such a path which leads to sadness and only sadness. The sadness at that time will not allow you to celebrate any of the moment of life. This sadness will again and again reminds you the bad that had happened in your past and will try to mar your present.

Now here my question is "where are you living in past or present?". Of course your answer will be "in present". Then if we are living in present then what's the use of past, then why we should think about it. It is also true that we should learn from past but thinking much about it spoils present.

So, finally in short the think is that we should expect less and if we are expecting it should be our need. And we must try everything to complete it without any limitation or pressure (specially of time). We all know that time is very precious, it never stops for anyone. But, remember the ultimate thing of life is self satisfaction not time !!! THINK BEFORE WHATEVER YOU EXPECT (it must be your need)....

Change the expectation into need life will become more easy and happy..