Thursday, September 1, 2011

You can win

Amazed by what the message it wants to conveys.. !! Yeah me too very amazed. What overview it makes or what it sets in your mind ? Is it just a winning line or a line which can make you win ? It sounds pretty confusing for me too and of-course for you too..

"You can win" it's a philosophical,meaningful, self-exaggerating, self-agitating, self-motivating, self-explanatory line which helps you to win anything you want. It shows the trust and belief in yourself. When you recite this line you get fully charged, and feel the weight of positiveness.

As far as we see we find only motivation behind it. But in true meaning only motivation doesn't flavours the word "You can win".
Everyone in this world needs motivation. I too was motivated and I am here. Without motivation a person can't grow. Motivation can be by anything. For my motivation is philosophy. May you have a different thing to motivate yourself. Motivation is the basis of taking out the hidden talent in you. And the other flavours which adds to the expression "You can win" are your attitude, your behaviour, your overview, your perspective, your positive energy and of-course the ancestor blessings.

Hopefully you will be amazed by the word "ancestors". I am not taking you towards superstitious world. But it's true that blessings really matters in your success and your overall development. There exist such powers in our surrounding which helps us a lot directly or indirectly.

Briefly I would tell that everything comes and depends on experience. Without experience nothing is possible even not the Newton would come have come across the gravitation phenomenon.

Think on this and get more out of the expression "You can win !" and stay motivated and energetic.

- Phagun Baya