Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UdaipurTalents : A step to make Udaipur shine

What is UdaipurTalents ?

Udaipurtalents is a non-profitable online organisation which comprises of Mr. Phagun Singh Baya (Founder), UdaipurTalents Team and the persons concerned in the website. And UdaipurTalents appeal to you all to join in the great cause.

What is UdaipurTalents's purpose ?

UdaipurTalents has got it's birth to fullfill two dreams :
First, is to bring the hidden talents of Udaipur into light from the mist of non-popularity. To provide them the proper place in society and to make them popular by their profession is also UdaipurTalents 's aim.
We might fail to bring some more pearls into light. We want to all to make us aware of them so that they can get a proper place to explore.

Second, is two remove illiteracy from Udaipur. There are many illiterate poor children living in Udaipur and there is no one to care for them. We know it's very tough job but still we took this big challenge to atleast provide education to some of the poor childrens of Udaipur in our reach.

What UdaipurTalents need from you ?

UdaipurTalents appeal everyone specially Udaipurites to stand with us in  a great cause. You just have to do is just visit our site once a day and make a click on the button named "End Illiteracy".
You can even make our site as homepage to easily solve your purpose everyday. Remember clicking costs nothing, it just sees your humanity.

How UdaipurTalents work ?

UdaipurTalents is being clubbed with many sponsor's site for the purpose of advertisement. The money made out of advertisement is purely been invested towards our campaign " Remove Illiteracy from Udaipur ". Neither the administrators nor the talents of Udaipur gets anything. It's totally non-profitable organisation.

What you have to do ?

You just have to click the button "End Illiteracy" once a day. Your click can help poor child to get education.
And if you like you can also donate money towards the cause. Removing illiteracy from Udaipur is a big cause and still Udaipurtalents has taken a short step in this direction.

What you get ?

You can get many useful information provided on our site. Our site consists of many useful information like ATMs location in Udaipur, helpline numbers, talents of Udaipur etc..
And through the click made by you, you get blessings of little innocent poor children. And in front of this we don't think you need anything else...

Be Kind. Choice is yours..!!