Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why ' Philosophy ' goes only with life ?

Many of us talk about philosophy and during that we connect everything to life. We talk about life, for life, effect on life etc etc.. But have you ever thought that we only talk of life or we only relate everything with life.. Why is it so ? Why only life ? This what came in my mind while moving to home and I want you share on what conclusions I made...

First of all let's talk on what philosophy is. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Have u noticed something in above mentioned matters that they all involve the only single thing ' life '. Philosophy talks about existence of life, gives knowledge about life, teach values of life, tell reasons in life and of course mind and language are involved in life.

What ! I feel is everything around us influence or get influenced by life that's we find only life in philosophy. One more reason can be drawn out is life is the only thing that regenerates or plays a cycle. It's the only thing that after moving through cycle remains the same. Also life is the only one thing that can be made to relate with every aspect or thought or any process.

One more reason that can be figure out is that life is such a big thing that involves almost each and everything. We can find every aspect involved in life or even we can relate any aspect to life. This was what I felt; may there be some more reasons but I could drawn out only these.

The philosophy of philosophy is that it has many hidden questions that can't be answered at a time. All we need is a deep thinking with deep feeling. The more you look in, the more you get to think about. It's as simple as to understand that you dig more, more you'll get water.

All the best !! And hope for the best !! of course in life... [:)]