Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Intellectual Thought

Every human being is made up of both good and bad habits. If we think philosophically about the human beings there are both God and Evil in us. This is also been mentioned in many of the Vedas and Puranas. But what is it actually is going to be discussed here.

It is pretty interesting to think how the people in ancient times came to know about this. May be it's because their power of imagination was very strong. Whatever they thought of was much logical and perfect. And it was all due to the healthy environment in which they lived and explored their ideas. So, simply we can say that environment plays a much vital role in development of living being. It plays a much effective role in developing ones idea, habit, culture and of-course behaviour.

Every human being born in this world is born with both qualities good and bad. And the type of environment which nourishes him tends to develop and dominate one of the quality. But still he has the other quality too within him. And the adoption and domination of good or bad quality also depend on the willingness of a person; which quality he wants to develop within himself. It's all self development / recreation process. We all think that good qualities are the mighty powers signifying God but still what I believe is for a person both qualities play an important role in one or the different manner. As far as both of the qualities oppose each other, both qualities also supports each other. In support of this opposing and supporting nature, we can see that wherever there is a height there is a fall or wherever there is a night there is a day.

Meaning, we all are bound to such a scenario that we will have both the qualities good and bad unknowingly within us. We can minimise one quality but we cannot eliminate any one of the two. We have to ask ourself that which habit to adopt and why. The reason plays a much strong role in adoption of habits so we should have the solid reason for this. Many people say that this person is bad beware of him, don't trust him blah blah blah !! But I ask to them do you know him properly ? Have you seen his all the habits ? How can you judge a person as a whole ? He spent many years of this life and how can you read all the years in one or the two or the three meets. Might you be hurted by any of his habit but remember he too has a good habit in him. So, in-spite of running away from him we should help him to recreate his inner soul to minimise his bad habits.

For self recreation process a person should be willingly sound in his act and should be a good learner. The only best practice which helps you is, just talk about yourself and your act with your soul. I have also practiced it and still I'm continuing it to control my inner soul. And one should also practice it to improve life, irrespective of how much good you are.

In short, every human born is gifted with both good and bad qualities and which quality he develops is all in his control. So, be wise in choosing your correct path.


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