Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cockroaches future is safe against climate change

Recent, research proved that cockroaches can hold there breath for about 40 minutes.
While resting they stop breathing and save the loss of water. Though they are the creatures of wet and moist land but they are adapted to live in dry places also.

They are blessed with such a strong system through which they can change their breathing pattern to control level of oxygen, carbon-dioxide and moisture. They close the spiracles through which they breathe primarily to save water. In dry environments these insects took shorter breaths than in moist conditions.

"Cockroaches lose water across their respiratory surfaces when they breathe," so taking shorter breaths in dry conditions reduces the amount of water they will lose.

The same thing doesn't necessarily apply to other insects. The butterfly pupae hold their breath to prevent oxygen damage, rather than to conserve water.

"So, finally cockroaches will do well for surviving against climate change.


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