Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great threat to LIONs in Kenya

It has been found that Kenya is loosing 100 lions a year. According to the calculations it is estimated that Kenya would be devoid of all wildlife if such a terrible rate prevails.

These all circumstances are because of big bomb i.e. population explosion. The herbivorous animals are killed for meat and the grasslands are been used as homes for new population.

With the rapid growth of population the stage is reached that nearly within 10 years all the lions will disappear from Kenya.

Kenya's forest department has no strict action to control this. The biggest threat to lions is outside the protected areas. "This is because of increasing cases of poisoning by communities due to livestock loss through carnivore depredation. Typically, the communities use the insecticide Furadan by applying it on livestock carcasses."

Across the continent, the future looks bleak for lions. "Only drastic action on many fronts – policy change, effective law enforcement, giving rural people an economic stake in their natural heritage, and a great deal of investment – will prevent the loss of wildlife in Africa.


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