Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can we live alone !!!

We came is this world alone.... and one day we will go alone... but does it proves that we should live alone too.. Well this question suddenly crashed in my mind last night.
" Relations are the one that once formed cannot be washed out again. This you might have experienced many time ". So, don't you feel now that this is the key to the above question. I do feel.....
We the human creature cannot live independently, we depend on someone for something. Being social we like others company whether we know him or her or not. We then have a feeling of satisfaction that there is someone with us; we are not alone. But what would you say if anyone leaves you alone............ spell bounded !!!! hmm....

The main idea I want to share is don't forget any relation easily because then you'll wont be able to tolerate yourself. And it's a big deal.


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