Friday, September 11, 2009

Is this the world to live !!

" Is this the world to live ", suddenly this thought comes to every thinking mind knowingly or unknowingly. But a few gives a minute to it for conversing with within. Do you get time ??? (A big question is front of we all !).

Today, in this world of uncertainty, insecurity and fearness is there any very close to you. No !! But I say yes it is there. 'Your heart within'. Isn't it so much thoughtful....... and even more...........
yes, its true. There are many thing within which you and your within wants to share with each other. Just see inside its pure and truly friendly.

Everyone of you stands in front of mirror to see yourself.Oh, How beautiful I am !!, pretty cool. But can you see within what's there by use of a facky mirror, no. Therefore, there is the only way to see inside is to sit peacefully 'in alone with alone'. There are many such things that are hidden within you and a strong mist of thoughtlessness has engulfed it so much that it cannot come out just by a call.For that you need to sit alone with hundred percent involvement and ask within- 'What's inside me ?? Is there anything inside me?? Will my present jobs succeed me in near future??'. If you get answers then believe me that you are most powerful creature on this beautiful almighty world. And you will surely get the answers there's no question of blankness.

So, believe that you are best and try to perceive yourself for a good cause. And after all everyone of this floor has come to do something.


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