Friday, September 18, 2009

Why we afraid to do new task ?

Any logic for this ! Any reply ! No, I'll tell you. Basically, what makes you stop is your inner mind. The busy mind which is pre-defined set to the routine work is behind your news. And you only stop the changes.

Amazed !! but it's true. Through a research it is proved that every man wants a stable life without changes, he doesn't want to change it at any cost. This what makes you stop. The busy mind always thinks things which are already feed up in mind. And when you try to feed new things the scanner filters the idea into merits and de-merits.

Have you ever felt that something is forcing you for doing a job that you had decided? The only thing that is with you is your pure heart. It only thinks of merits and encourages you for good something else then routine. Mainly your heart is the central seat for our Almighty God. So, how can it be wrong? Think.........

Pressurize your mind, you'll surely get something.............


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