Sunday, September 20, 2009

What type of your happiness adds to your life ?? - Bigger or smaller ones

Oh !I got a nice pencil. Ye ! I got a promotion. Yuppy ! I got a new car. Yes ! I got whatever I want. What all these reminds you about? I guess happiness, joy and of-course satisfaction.

But really what adds your health.. As we all know that all of us are different from others in ideas and actions. So, the type of happiness has to be different to different people. For a kid beautiful colourful pencils are a dream come true. For a workers his promotion rules. And for commoners new technology is big craze. The only think that counts is the part of our life that we enjoyed the most. It can be the time of our childhood, teen and adult. The part that we enjoyed with full involvement is the one that adds up to our life.

Life goes on.......... heard. But can we ever imagine a life without happiness. I guess 'no'. 'No' means there are such events in our lives that we remember till our old age. If we are well involved in the happy event we doesn't think of the size big or small. We only take full advantages.

So, It can be concluded that the size of happiness doesn't matters the most. The think that matters is how important the thing is to us; how it can bring glory to us ; how it can change our life ; how it can transform us totally. For an example : A child who has never thought beyond pencils, pens will be a great thing of discussion for him. He will live that part of life when he got a pen. We may laugh on it. But, its true. (Think.....)

"Life full of joy and has great joy
only matters what is
how you respond."
Happiness can't be measured !!

- Phagun Baya


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