Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What we give to rain....

Rain Rain Rain!! Lots of water, fun and games: Wow amazing. That's it. No. There's something more than what we feel and think.Don't you think so? But I don't. Last night our dear rain came and wispered into my ears to write something about her.

Everyone knows that rain brings water. But what it really does is makes the environment cool and full of happiness n joy. It obeys the law of give and take by taking water in form of vapours and gives back that water in form of rain. It gives water for flora, fauna and humans too. It maintains water balance on the earth. It monitors temperature rise. It maintains gound water level. And finally dips you in a cup of happiness.

But for the last few years the scenerio has changed up totally. Due lots of pollutions and the Great Global Warming the water balance has changed rapidly at few spots on this almighty world.

"Can you ever imagine a world without rain ?" It is not possible as we cannot live without water. Water is our first need. Water is a life giving drink provided by Almighty God to all of us. So, let us pledge to conserve rain and feel proud by conserving it.


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