Saturday, September 12, 2009

We in 2020 !

Amazed! by what I am talking about "We in 2020".If not then be amazed.Have you ever thought of we in 2020. No, but I did. Here are what I thought.

The World in 2020 will be more glamrous and colourful then ever.Isn't it will. It will be full of fun, smiles, money, technology and many more for which we ever never heard. Out of all the main think I want to discuss is about the technology, the what I'll call is the advanced in thinking. Don't you think so.

Ofcourse it will be the advancement in thinking. The new scientists, engineers and researchers etcetra among us and their new thoughts will surely take the world to it's highest zenith. There are many plans for 2020. But do we have any plan to change ourselfs. Do we know the right path? Do we know everthing? Do we will change the world into secure and safe world? Do we have any solution for our current problems?

Yes, this all is true. The only thing is to do is to change ourself the rest will change itself.


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